Do These Things When Your Home Has Flooded

Bad weather often happens these days. In addition to global warming which is getting worse, our earth is indeed in an unhealthy condition, so many natural disasters that occur behind this. When heavy rains and floods get into the house, you might still have a few hours to save important items and turn off the electricity to prevent worse. After the weather has improved and the water has receded, you might be able to call Action1Restoration service to help you repair the house so that it can return to normal. If you leave your house in a flood for several days, you must do the following:

Check electronic devices daily
For appliances such as coffee makers and toasters, you should look at the cable, making sure the cable is not torn or exposed if you want to use it again. For refrigerators and washing machines, contact the service company to check the connection and component security. Replace anything that seems badly damaged.

Clean clothes that will be reused more than twice washing
For washable fabrics, remove stains to be free of viruses and be free of bacteria. Dip the clothes first in the antiseptic solution, then wash them in cold water with powder detergent. The detergent powder works well for removing clay and dirt that may contain flood water, and cold water can remove stains.

After this initial washing, rinse everything, this time in the hottest water that is safe for cloth with detergent powder and chlorine. Dry all clothes until you are sure there is a stain missing.

Beware of carbon monoxide poisoning
If using a grill or stove for cooking, don’t think about turning it on indoors. When used in a confined space, this type of grill can produce colorless and odorless, but still deadly. The same applies to portable generators.

Document damage
Flood events are indeed quite emotional, you and your family have to take care of many important papers for insurance claims. However, this must still be done for the sake of future survival in the aftermath of a flood. When you want to make an insurance claim, be sure to record all damages with clear pictures and a comprehensive record.

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