How to Take Care of Outdoor Furniture

Having a large yard is nice. You can raise a variety of plants, beautify the decor with artificial ornamental plants, create a playground, or create an area for a BBQ party. Whatever the function of the page, you obviously need outdoor furniture. In order for outdoor furniture to last, you need to take care of it regularly and appropriately. The treatment is certainly different from indoor furniture. This is because outdoor furniture is more often exposed to sunlight and rain. You don’t want it, your garden chair or other outdoor furniture from decreases the level of durability. How to?

Outdoor furniture made of wood, such as wooden tables and chairs, is quite popular among Indonesian people. Wood is known to rot easily due to weather and insects. The right treatment step is to coat the outdoor furniture with wood oil. The use of wood oil can reduce the absorption of heat during the day. As a result, the humidity of outdoor furniture will be maintained, not easily weathered, and insect attacks will be reduced. Make sure to reapply it regularly, at least every 1 year. Don’t forget to remove dust with a dry cloth or duster.

Plastic outdoor furniture is always attractive because of its various shapes and colors. Unfortunately, plastic material breaks easily and fades in color due to the heat of the sun. Therefore, as much as possible place plastic outdoor furniture in a shady area. Because it is outside the room, this outdoor furniture is prone to soil stains and so on. In order to maintain its appearance, clean it regularly. The trick is to use soapy water and a cloth. After wiping it, rinse it clean. Don’t forget to dry it thoroughly to avoid mold.

Iron material is known to be strong and durable. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to take care of it. Outdoor furniture made of iron, whether iron tables or chairs, is prone to rust. Therefore, routinely get rid of the stuck dust. Just use a duster or duster. If there are stains, use a damp cloth to wipe them off. After the rain, make sure to dry all parts of the outdoor furniture made of iron. Apply an anti-rust coating regularly to complete the treatment. Is your iron outdoor furniture already rusty? Relax, take sandpaper and rub it on the rusty part. If it is clean, coat it with anti-rust.

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