How To Pack Carrier Bags For Mountain Climbing

Lightweight backpacking and Camping, carriers, mountain bags, or whatever they are called are very important equipment on a mountain climbing trip, especially when it comes to camping. The journey up the mountain that is already quite heavy will be even more enjoyable because we have to carry this bag LOOT LION.

It is only natural that we always carry this bag during climbing because the contents of this bag will determine our lives during the trip or while camping. Without this bag and its contents, our lives are threatened, and a supposedly enjoyable journey can turn into a catastrophe.

Looks important, so what exactly is in this pebble bag?

The contents are all our needs during the climb, from sleeping bags, mattresses, tents, clothes, medicines, food, drinking water, cooking utensils, flashlights, and others. Can you live in the mountains without all this?

Because the carrier bag and its contents are very important and usually become heavy. We need to find a way to make this bag comfortable on our backs during the trip. Imagine a strenuous trip, plus a heavy load that is not arranged properly, will be torturous, it can even disrupt balance and cause injury.

And again, the importance of arranging the contents/packing of the gravel correctly, if at any time there are items that are needed, these items can be reached easily. For example, if it suddenly rains, the raincoat must be easily accessible, and the sleeping bag must be protected so that it does not get wet. For example, suddenly experiencing illness or injury, medicines must be reached quickly.

Point 1 and point 2 are important in terms of access to our luggage, as well as so that the things we carry can still be used properly. For example:

• It’s messy if it suddenly rains but we still have to unpack the gravel because our raincoats are located deep inside
• Fatal if suddenly we or a teammate are injured / sick, but medical equipment is stacked at the bottom
• Just go home if the sleeping bag you are carrying is wet in the rain, what do you want to sleep in, it’s dangerous!

Point 3 is for our comfort and balance. Proper placement will make the gravel easier to control and feel lighter. If a heavy load is placed away from the body, the load will pull us and make our balance decrease, of course, it becomes dangerous.