2 Interesting Facts You Need To Know On Mother’s Day  

Mother’s Day is the most special moment for you as a child to be able to appreciate the services of a mother. Mother’s Day is celebrated every year. So at least you as a child can give the best on that special day. It does not have to be a fancy gift to make her happy, because taking your time and thanking your mom will be something more valuable than a fancy gift. If you are close to your mother, you will know easily the good gifts for Mother’s day to give to your mother. Mother’s Day is a celebration that is celebrated all over the world. In most countries, the celebration of Mother’s Day is also celebrated with various unique traditions. Starting from giving gifts, to giving a day off for mom. Of course, all of this is done as a sign of our appreciation as children for all the sacrifices of mothers in our lives.

But you need to know there are also 2 interesting facts you need to know about Mother’s Day celebrations. Where this fact is never realized by many people. Here are 2 interesting facts. First, Mother’s Day was not originally a day to remember mothers but as a form of agenda for peace. So the initial fact for the creation of Mother’s Day is not only to appreciate a mother but also an agenda to make peace.

The second fact is that every country has a different tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day. In this case, although each country has a different time, the fact is that each country still celebrates Mother’s Day with various traditions. For example in America, most of them enliven the mother’s heart by giving gifts and flowers. While in other countries, some celebrate Mother’s Day with candles, fireworks, and gifts in the form of songs.